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Beef Curry with a Lime and Ginger Raita

Kofta is a Middle Eastern dish which is usually made with either lamb or beef. In this recipe I will be using some fillet beef. Not all curries have to cook for hours and hours, this is fast, tasty and easy to do!

Italian Chicken Bake

When I am cooking on RTE, it is always a great day! I created this delicious tray bake and I think for an easy family dinner this is brilliant. You can create this the night before and just before the hustle and bustle of the kids landing in the door you can pop this in the oven and the magic will happen with all the ingredients.

Beef Stroganoff with Tender Stem Broccoli & Rigatoni

This is a traditional Russian dish of sauteed beef in a creamy sauce. Golden beef smothered in a mushroom sauce, this is a simple recipe that can be served with potatoes, pasta and rice!

Indian Prawn curry with fluffy rice

This curry is a symphony of joy for your palette! Full of flavour, nutrition and colour you will be craving this on a Friday night!